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Framing Diplomas, Degrees & Certificates by David Borochovitz

Congratulations! You’ve graduated, or maybe you’ve recently completed a post-grad certification, and now you’ve got this incredibly important piece of  paper sitting around in an envelope in your dresser drawer. Come on people, you’ve worked hard! You have invested a lot of money and time in your education. Your diploma or certificate deserves to be preserved and displayed properly.



Gretchen Jeens Artist Photo

Reflections on “After the Party” by Gretchen Jeens

“After the Party” is a reflection on simple but authentic moments in life. Renderings from my own experience and not unlike many others of us who lived through times when dancing, parties, dresses, dating, and love could be endearing or devastating. With the use of colour, line, and fanciful whimsy I hope to incite hidden meaning and a personal interpretation for every viewer. And a bit of fun in a sometimes sad world. The party goes on.



Gretchen Jeens - Black Gloves
Garth Armstrong - Artworld Fine Art

“Plein Air Painting” by Garth Armstrong

Painting outdoors is a great way to energize your painting. It can be frustrating and challenging, but it’s also different and fun. It really does not matter if it’s warm or cold. Be prepared and it will be a great experience.



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