Artworld Fine Art

ARTWORLD FINE ART has been operating in West Toronto since 1978. During our history we have expanded twice; most recently to a 7200 foot open concept gallery.

Representing more than 30 artists, Artworld features a diverse selection of original Canadian and International art and sculpture and is considered by our customers and artists as a premier destination for a diverse and interesting collection of art. Artworld Fine Art has also established itself as experts in the field of leading edge custom framing design. We pride ourselves on being able to offer museum quality craftsmanship, innovation and creativity with fast, onsite, professional service while maintaining the highest standards in conservation custom framing, with your budget in mind.

 The recent expansion has given Artworld Fine Art the opportunity to embrace and celebrate other art forms including dance, music and literature, thus enabling us to bring a more cultural based aspect to the gallery, satisfying the needs of all gallery clients from first time visitors to experienced art collectors and enthusiasts. The new space also allows the opportunity to offer a variety of services including fine art and sculpture restoration and cleaning, appraisals, venue rental, corporate and in-home consultations.

We believe that “Art comes in many forms and never intends to intimidate, but rather to be enjoyed and understood by all”.

Donna Child

Donna Child

Gallery Director

Donna Child was born and raised in Toronto and has held a lifelong interest in the Arts.

She began her career in the Arts earning a degree in Fashion Design through the International Academy of Design in Toronto.

After working in the industry for 10 years she applied her business and design skills to the field of visual art becoming the Gallery Director of Artworld Fine Art a position she has held since 1995.

Her deep seated interest in fine art and design and an aspiration to provide emerging and mid career artists with a venue to exhibit has resulted in her establishing Artworld Fine Art as one of the top galleries in West Toronto. Currently representing over 30 artists – Canadian and International – she has put together a diverse selection of original artwork in a welcoming environment, with no pressure sales tactics.

Donna has recently taken the gallery to a new level. Moving Artworld Fine Art to a 7200 sq ft space where at anytime you can meet artists, hear a reading, talk with a poet, attend a cultural event or perhaps take part in an exhibition opening. Her belief is that “Art comes in many forms and should never be intimidating”. She also believes that given the opportunity “art can be understood and enjoyed by everyone”.

Our Team of Art Specialists

We are a dedicated team of professionals, ready to meet your Art and Custom Framing needs.

David Kissner

David Kissner

Associate Director | Web Designer

David is a widely experienced specialist providing both superior Fine Art & Custom Framing services as well as Web Design & Development.

Encouraged in visual arts and music from an early age, David’s passions and abilities are a product of both nature and nuture. While his early interest in photography has continued as a lifelong passion, he enjoys all forms of creativity, whether they be visual, musical, or even technical.

After obtaining his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics & Psychology he returned to retail management in the music industry and later developed an interest in the gallery business and learned Custom Picture Framing hands-on. Currently his attention is devoted to providing Client Services at Artworld Fine Art. He also provides Web Design for the gallery, and numerous artists.

He is committed to partnering with clients to source the perfect artwork for their home or corporate environment, as well as helping the gallery and artists, utilize online technologies to enhance global access to their artwork.

Rebecca Ramshaw

Rebecca Ramshaw

Assistant Gallery Director

Originally from the Waterloo Region Rebecca grew up with the arts, studying visual art throughout high school. She graduated from Concordia University in Montreal with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design for the Theatre. Her first formal introduction to the art business was working as a framer at a professional custom framing business. Several years later she transitioned into the interior design field and expanding her skill set to include administrative and accounting tasks as well as project coordination.

In 2011, Rebecca moved to Toronto and joined the ARTWORLD Team as the head of Custom Framing. In 2016 her role expanded to encompass Art & Custom Framing Sales, as well as marketing. Rebecca is enjoying that her new role allows her to spend more time interacting with our wonderful clients and gallery friends.

David Borochovitz

David Borochovitz

Conservation Custom Framing Specialist

David was born on the west island of Montreal. He studied Visual Arts at York University, with a focus in printmaking, sound art and sculpture. His desire to expand his knowledge of art presentation led him to complete his conservation custom framing apprenticeship at a gallery in Oakville, where he also had the opportunity to manage the store’s branding, marketing, social media content and curate monthly exhibitions for local artists.

In May 2017, David joined the team at Artworld Fine Art as a custom picture framing specialist. With his diverse art background and knowledge of conservation framing he brings a fresh outlook on how custom framing design is approached.