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David Shepherd

Artist Summary

David Shepherd, born in 1987 started drawing at the age of 3. David became interested in realism painting. Although a young artist, his paintings can be found in private and public collections & is presented at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.  Price Range: $1,000 – $5,000

Full Biography

David Shepherd (b. 1987 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

Starting drawing at the age of 3, and painting at the age of 8. David has continued pursing art educationally, through high school and into post-secondary education. At a young age taking much reference from Comics, he became interested in realism painting in high school, after viewing great works from masters such as Caravaggio, and Rembrandt.

David graduated from the Sheridan College Institute of Technology for Art Fundamentals in 2008. Although having some early success, a lack of training in general realism technique led David to further education at a less conventional school.

Joining the Academy of Realist Art (ARA) in 2008, David was able to receive training in the techniques of the 19th Century French Academies, made famous by artists such as William Bouguereau and Charles Bargue. After 4 years of study under the Academic system of the ARA, he graduated in 2012.

David’s paintings are chiaroscuro in nature. This means they have an obvious and high contrast between the lights and darks (chiaroscuro meaning light dark). Apart from the contrast allowing a work to pop forward, this great contrast allows the viewers eye to more easily focus on objects in the light. This in turn increases the viewer’s perception of the form, colour, and texture. Also to create a high degree of realism, sometimes extra layers of paint will be used. Often these extra layers are for objects in the center. This is so that the painting mimics they way your eyes see. The center of your vision is clear, but your peripheral vision is blurred.

David’s composition and themes are personal to himself and his beliefs. They are representations of his multi-cultural upbringing in Canada, as well as philosophical belief and its rich heritage.

Although a young artist, David has paintings in both private and public collections and is currently represented by the Art Gallery of Hamilton and Art World of Sherway.


Artist’s Statement

“All of my Still Life work is painted from real life. The compositions and the canvas are set up side by side in studio. My work is a reflection of my own experiences made into a story, through paint and canvas.”  David Shepherd