Matt Beasant

Artist Summary

Matt Beasant is a self-taught Canadian Artist born and raised in Northwestern Ontario. His vivid colours, bold gradients, and crisp lines are applied by hand using many thin layers of paint – primarily acrylic. The resulting work can appear to have been printed onto the canvas.  Price Range:  $2,300 – $3,600

Full Biography

Matt Beasant is a self-taught Canadian artist born and raised in Northwestern Ontario. His black outlines and defined colour blocking create an ultra-clean aesthetic that verges on digital. This is achieved by brushing many thin layers of paint onto canvas and sometimes wood; even the seamless gradients are applied by brush. Often the works are so flat that they appear to be printed onto the canvas. Matt often fuses abstract forms with sweeping landscapes to convey allegory and emotion. He creates worlds that explore universality and identity. Matt embraces the idea that an artist should observe and draw inspiration from all things.

Collections and Exhibitions:

The Archives of Ontario

Autumn Art Sale, McMichael Canadian Art Collection – 2016
The Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair – 2016
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition – 2013, 2014, 2015
OPS Pride Queer Landscapes, John B. Aird Gallery – 2015
Pride Toronto World Pride Video – Commissioned artist – 2014

Artist’s Statement

“I am fascinated with landscapes and their ability to convey emotion. My use of stark black lines and crisp colour blocking allows me to cut through layers of sediment, revealing unexplored worlds. These abstract forms can act as allegorical reflections involving aspects of the human condition. Like the movement of a dancer’s body, the geometry of lines and colours have the ability to communicate emotions without words. Central to my work is a curiosity with duality. I find that it is often tension that can create the most magnificent harmony.”

Matt Beasant

Matt Beasant in the studio.

Matt Beasant in Studio