Norman Brown

Artist Summary

Norman Brown is a highly developed and sensitive painter, born in Toronto in 1958. Painting has been a natural form of expression since childhood. His ability to capture light and vibrant colours, as well as varying moods and feelings within each painting, is remarkable.  Price Range:  $600 – $10,000

Full Biography

Norman Brown

Norman was born in Toronto, Canada in 1958. As a child, Norman enjoyed drawing and painting and was soon recognized for his creative talent. Self-taught, Norman has learned from many years of creatively exploring the natural world. Norman’s paintings are inspired by the natural beauty the world offers to all of us. His love of nature is always evident in his work. Astute collectors around the globe are enjoying the work of this talented artist.

Norman has received many awards for his paintings throughout Canada, the United States and Europe.

Selected Shows

  • 1984 Toronto International Centre
  • 1990 29th Annual Toronto City Hall Show
  • 1993 Robert McLaughlin Gallery Annual Show
  • 1999 Thomson Gallery, The Bay Tower
  • 2001 Canadian Heritage Art Company Niagara Vineyards Group Show
  • 2004 Hummingbird Centre Group Show
  • 2012 Art Expo, Toronto

Selected Collections

  • Thomson Corporations
  • Gold Corporation
  • Hubble Canada
  • Private Collections

Artist’s Statement

“I was a dreamer and an artist at a young age. My favorite things about my paintings are the emotions they evoke, the depth, composition, light and color. My favorite colors are the blues and greens. I find them soothing and healing. I try to make each painting come alive. Some of the paintings have a dreamy quality to them while others have an almost musical feeling to them.

I love working in oils because they have a more natural feel to them. Oil paints are adaptable to many different techniques. I use brushwork in the paintings to create movement within the painting.

When I am in the natural world painting, I am reminded of the simple yet complex beauty that is before me. When I begin a painting I take a few moments to meditate on the scene before me. I want to do more than capture the scene. I want to be able to infuse life into the painting, in effect creating a poetic painting.”  Norman Brown