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“The Art of Wearing Socks”  by  TOLLER CRANSTON (1949-2015)

Available Exclusively from Artworld Fine Art

Featuring imagery from “To the Top”, painted in 2014

1 Size fits all

80% Cotton / Nylon Blend – 20% Spandex / Lycra

$28 ea. + HST

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“Timeless masterpiece brought to you by JHJ Design. Painting a little more enjoyment in your life to give vibrant experiences in the art of wearing socks.”

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Toller Cranton
Estate Collection

An offering of paintings, drawings & objets d’art from the personal collection of the renowned Canadian artist and Olympic Figure Skating Champion are being made available through Artworld Fine Art

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Book Exerpt

Copyright 2014 M. B. Paul

All Rights Reserved


ISBN-13: 978-1494746452

Cover photograph taken by Lander Rodriguez. Concept and artistic direction for the cover photograph by Toller Cranston who himself is posing as the alchemist. Purchase Here

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