Framing Shadowboxes

Framing Sale: July 2017

Shadowboxes – 25% Off

 3-dimensional objects always present a unique challenge for the framer. Traditionally when we think about shadowbox framing we imagine military medals floating between layers of mat board, or perhaps a jersey in a deep frame behind glass. However, shadowbox framing itself is quite varied and often requires a custom approach that is determined by the object(s) at hand.  The possibilities are very open. If you have an object or series of objects that require a frame deeper than our deepest mouldings, extensions can even be added to accommodate most projects.  So do not fear.  If you have a project in mind (no matter how unusual) let us help find that ideal solution for long term display.

Shadowbox framing is employed when the object being framed is three-dimensional, or a flat object that requires platform mounting to give it a deep, box-like framing treatment.  Whatever it is that you’re considering bringing in, it really comes down to:

  1. Finding the best possible visual layout
  2. Keeping the piece(s) stable within the frame
  3. Achieving 1 & 2 without compromising the preservation of the work.

When done properly shadowboxes should be as sturdy and archival as they should appear beautiful and balanced compositionally.


This all depends on the use of proper materials (ie. acid free mats, foam core, adhesives, UV protection glass) and proper technique along with careful assembly (sewing, floating and mounting). Sure you can go to a big box store and purchase stock size, prefabricated shadowboxes with a hinge on the front. You can work with the limited range of frame sizes and hot glue your valuables down inside. This works for some projects, however if yours holds any monetary or sentimental value I would highly advise against it.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve personally dealt with poorly done DIY shadowboxes that have come in for re-framing. It ends up costing far more to re-frame the work, not to mention the damage that can occur to the pieces themselves. So pop by, have a chat and enjoy 25% off all shadowbox framing for the entire month of July at Artworld Fine Art.


David Borochovitz, Conservation Custom Framing Specialist – Artworld Fine Art









Framing Diplomas, Degrees & Certificates

Congratulations!  You’ve graduated, or maybe you’ve recently completed a post-grad certification, and now you’ve got this incredibly important piece of paper sitting around in an envelope in your dresser drawer. Come on people, you’ve worked hard!  You have invested a lot of money and time in your education.  Your diploma or certificate deserves to be preserved and displayed properly.

So what are your options?  As you know, most universities and colleges offer a diploma framing service.  You’ve probably already received an email or brochure along with extensive literature soliciting donations to the institution immediately upon graduation.  They don’t waste any time.  These services usually offer around 6 choices in terms of mouldings, matting and glass.  Unfortunately these choices are pretty limited. They usually offer a variety of old fashioned suede mats and outdated fillets that reflect the school’s colours.  This is tried and true, but certainly not the only way to go about designing your diploma frame.  More importantly framing through the institution upon graduation is not cheap, certainly not for what you’re getting. The average “in-house” diploma framing service usually runs between $126-$200 before taxes and additional fees, and they are always assembled off-site on a mass scale.  Considering the quality of materials used, this isn’t really a great deal.  Custom framing through us ensures the preservation of diploma and a design that fits you. It really comes down to 2 things:


  1. Conservation/Preservation

-What you want: Quality materials (100% acid free mats, conservation corner mounts, various grades of U.V. glass) Paper is delicate, it fades if it is not preserved sufficiently.  If for whatever reason you ever need to take your diploma out of its frame, you can be sure that there will be no fading or discolouration.

-care and attention to detail put into the assembly.  We take our time to get it right.


  1. Having a face to face consultation = the luxury of choice

-You’ve made the decision to frame your diploma.  You might as well have the opportunity to choose exactly how you’d like to display it. We’ll work with you to find the most suitable design to fit your taste.  We’ll find that balance between something unique, and timeless. We have hundreds of quality, solid wood moulding samples on display, that can be matched with a wide range of mats and fillets.  Designed custom to your specifications.

-It’s also nice to have the chance to interact with the people who are going to carry out the work.

Framer’s Tip #1:

Make a photocopy or high quality scan of your diploma or certificate before dropping it off for framing.  If you ever need to send a copy to anyone you’ll have it on file.  You can always request a copy from your institution – but they’ll charge you.


Framer’s Tip #2:

Just frame it already.  The longer it sits around in your room the more likely it is to get creased or misplaced. If you happen to lose or damage your diploma you can bet it’s not free to replace.  Most universities charge around $80 for a reprint.


The average 4 year university degree in Canada costs $24,000 – before living expenses.  You’ve put yourself through it, do yourself a favour and preserve the paperwork.  Now’s the time! For the entire month of June, Artworld Fine Art will be offering 25% off all diploma and certificate orders. Come by, let’s chat about it.


David Borochovitz, Framer – Artworld Fine Art