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Are Galleries Still Relevant?

Almost a year ago I began to tell our clients/artists/suppliers and friends that I was moving our well established Sherway Gardens gallery location to a new 7200 SQ ft space, which was going to become a true art hub – embracing all forms of art and experiences. We had tremendous support, however I will admit there were a few that were unsure about our move and wondered if galleries are still relevant? Or was the internet taking over the traditional gallery role?

With more pop up galleries appearing online and the recent economic downturn, many galleries have gone by the wayside. Many consumers believe that they are getting a better deal via the internet – others purchase online because it is more convenient. The internet does validate the work of artists by allowing them to increase public awareness of their work. It also allows a consumer to determine style, which in turn is beneficial when beginning to collect work and it can also provide important details such as price, medium and artist biographical information. Read more

Getting Noticed by Galleries

As a Gallerina the one question I am asked most often by young or emerging artists is “How do I get noticed by a gallery”?

Artworld Fine Art receives quite a number of portfolio submissions, as do most established galleries with a good reputation for treating artists fairly. Running a gallery is a huge amount of work – so portfolios can pile up quickly – in a month we can receive 50 or more.
I do my best to look at all the portfolio’s that are submitted, but I do admit quite often they sit in that folder for weeks as more urgent matters take priority like hanging exhibits, doing paperwork, making phone calls, planning advertisements, dealing with clients, taking phone calls etc. Read more

Artworld “Uncorked”

Our ARTWORLD “Uncorked” art and wine nights have become so popular. We are often sold out of easel space well in advance of the event night. Such a fun way to meet new people, test your artistic abilities with the guidance of a gallery artist, have a glass of wine and many laughs. Visit our Event section for upcoming dates and join us for ARTWORLD “UNCORKED” ART AND WINE NIGHTS. Read more