Framing Shadowboxes

Framing Sale: July 2017

Shadowboxes – 25% Off

 3-dimensional objects always present a unique challenge for the framer. Traditionally when we think about shadowbox framing we imagine military medals floating between layers of mat board, or perhaps a jersey in a deep frame behind glass. However, shadowbox framing itself is quite varied and often requires a custom approach that is determined by the object(s) at hand.  The possibilities are very open. If you have an object or series of objects that require a frame deeper than our deepest mouldings, extensions can even be added to accommodate most projects.  So do not fear.  If you have a project in mind (no matter how unusual) let us help find that ideal solution for long term display.

Shadowbox framing is employed when the object being framed is three-dimensional, or a flat object that requires platform mounting to give it a deep, box-like framing treatment.  Whatever it is that you’re considering bringing in, it really comes down to:

  1. Finding the best possible visual layout
  2. Keeping the piece(s) stable within the frame
  3. Achieving 1 & 2 without compromising the preservation of the work.

When done properly shadowboxes should be as sturdy and archival as they should appear beautiful and balanced compositionally.


This all depends on the use of proper materials (ie. acid free mats, foam core, adhesives, UV protection glass) and proper technique along with careful assembly (sewing, floating and mounting). Sure you can go to a big box store and purchase stock size, prefabricated shadowboxes with a hinge on the front. You can work with the limited range of frame sizes and hot glue your valuables down inside. This works for some projects, however if yours holds any monetary or sentimental value I would highly advise against it.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve personally dealt with poorly done DIY shadowboxes that have come in for re-framing. It ends up costing far more to re-frame the work, not to mention the damage that can occur to the pieces themselves. So pop by, have a chat and enjoy 25% off all shadowbox framing for the entire month of July at Artworld Fine Art.


David Borochovitz, Conservation Custom Framing Specialist – Artworld Fine Art