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Journalist, Author, Producer, Activist

Kathy Eldon is a journalist, author, producer, activist but most importantly, mother to two amazing children, Dan and Amy Eldon. Her life changed drastically in July of 1993, when her son Dan Eldon, a Reuters photographer was stoned to death in Somalia, Africa at the age of 22, by an angry mob reacting to the UN bombing raid on the suspected headquarters of warlord General Aideed. He was 22. Kathy’s journey has been shaped by this tragedy and transformed by what she has created in its aftermath. She has turned a personal tragedy that would have broken most people into a life-inspiring lesson for humanity. Kathy and her remarkable daughter Amy, are models of compassion, hope and forgiveness in a world too often filled with hatred, revenge and bitterness. In 1993, inspired by Dan Kathy founded Creative Visions Foundation providing tools, resources, ,mentorship and community to help everyone use the power of media and arts to build social movements an impact the world.


Director & Writer

Bronwen Hughes is a New York and Hollywood-based film director of Canadian and British origin. The Journey is the Destination is her fourth feature film. Her previous films include Forces of Nature (Dreamworks), Harriet the Spy (Paramount), and Stander, nominated for Best Director at the 25th Genie Awards. For television, Hughes has directed world-renowned shows including Breaking Bad (AMC), Hung (HBO), L-Word (Showtime) and the pilot episodes of White Collar, Fairly Legal, and Motive.



Martin Katz is Founder and President of Prospero Pictures. One of the most prolific feature film producers in Canada, Martin’s credits include Hotel Rwanda, which was nominated for three Academy Awards and three Golden Globe Awards, four features with celebrated director David Cronenberg, including Spider, A Dangerous Method, Cosmopolis and Maps to the Stars, and Bronwen Hughes’ Stander, which the London Observer called “the greatest heist film since Reservoir Dogs.” Martin’s television project Spectacle: Elvis Costello With… is an Award-winning series co-produced with Rocket Pictures and his series Ice Road Truckers is among History Channel’s highest-rated-shows. Martin holds degrees in law from the University of Toronto and the Université de Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne). He is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, a Director of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship and Chair of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.



Kweku is a partner and president of Out of Africa Entertainment, and the co-founder of the Africa Rising Foundation. His responsibilities within Out of Africa Entertainment include developing a wide range of Film and Television production content, which entails forging strategic partnerships, nurturing new talent, and building relationships in the international film market. He’s produced many notable films and documentaries, including The Bang Bang Club (2010), Inescapable (2012), Lucky (2011), and his latest project, Madiba (2016).


Oprah highlights photojournalist Dan Eldon’s journey and how mom, Kathy Eldon, and sister, Amy Eldon Turteltaub keep his legacy alive.

The Journey is the Destination – TIFF 2016 – Interview with Kathy Eldon


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