2014  Events

“Grand Opening Celebration” – January 18, 2014

Guest Host
Anwar Knight
Opening Prayer and Sweet Grass Ceremony
 Pauline Shirt
–  Cree Grandmother and Elder, Spirtual Advisor, Red-Tail Hawk Clan
Painting Demonstrations, Poetry Readings, Music by Spanish guitarist Benjamin Barrile, Artist Talks by Doris Ponteiri, Rick Taylor and Wei Yan 

2013  Events

“Artworld Fine Art – Opening Event” – December 13, 2013

Artworld of Sherway has moved to a new 7,200 square foot location just East of Kipling Avenue on Evans Ave, just minutes away from Sherway Gardens. The opening event was organized by Donna Child for family, friends, artists and collectors to see the new gallery and event venue. To accommodate events, the venue includes movable interior walls that open up the centre of the space for larger functions such as weddings or parties. Donna’s plans for the new gallery include opportunities to meet and talk with current and upcoming artists, hosting cultural events and exhibition openings. If you were a fan of Artworld of Sherway, you’ll love the new Artworld Fine Art.

CLICK HERE to see full coverage of the event by SNAP Magazine photographer Rick Koroll.

“Canadian Winter – A Collection of New Paintings” – December 14, 2013

Artist show & exhibition featuring new works by Katerina Mertikas. Artist in attendance.

Boats - Artworld Fine Art

“Boats” – July, 2013

Various artists including Garth Armstrong, Fernando Alcaraz, Rick Taylor, Katerina Mertikas, Guttorn Otto & Tony Bianco.

Otto Retrospective - Artworld Fine Art

“Guttorn Otto: A Retrospective” – June 1, 2013

A retrospective celebrating his long career, held on the 1st anniversary of his passing.

Dabwawin - Artworld Fine Art

“Dabwawin (Truth)” – May 11, 2013

Featuring artwork by Christian, Norval & Wolf Morrisseau.

Night And City - Artworld Fine Art

“Night & the City” – April 20, 2013

New original acrylic paintings and artist Rick Taylor in attendance.

Spring Into Art - Artworld Fine Art

“Spring Into Art” – March 23-24, 2013

Introducing two new artists to the gallery: Jeremy Browne & David Adshade.

Also featuring new paintings by Stefan Horik, Stephen Gillberry & Garth Armstong.

Beyond The Birch - Artworld Fine Art

“Beyond the Birch” – February 21, 2013

Launch of our 2013 “Artist Talk” series. Doris Pontieri speaks about the inspirations behind her work and her unique style that has garnered international attention.

2012  Events

Winter Shadows - Artworld Fine Art

“Winter Shadows” – November 29, 2012

Fall “Artist Talk” series concludes with Norman Brown as he discusses his discoveries within nature that have inspired him to capture light, colour and varying moods, making each painting uniquely his own.

Natures Transition - Artworld Fine Art

“Nature’s Transition” – October 25, 2012

Part two of the “Artist Talk” series featured Stefan Horik and new paintings from his “Nature’s Transition” collection. Stefan speaks about roaming the Charlevoix region in search of his inspiration.

Otto Estate Sale - Artworld Fine Art

“Guttorn Otto Estate Sale” – October 13-14, 2012

Rare opportunity Estate Sale of original artwork by Canadian painter, Guttorn Otto (1919-2012).

“Centre Court Show” – September 29-30, 2012

Presentation of 2013 Calendar and SickKids Holiday Card by Katerina Mertikas.

Painting demonstration on both days by Katerina.

Revealing The Landscape - Artworld Fine Art

“Revealing the Landscape” – September 20, 212

Garth launches the “Artist Talk” series & takes us on an artistic journey, discussing the thought and creative process behind “Revealing the Landscape”, a selection of new paintings.

Art In the Square - Artworld Fine Art

“Centre Court Show” – June 23-24, 2012

Painting demonstrations by Doris Pontieri & Garth Armstrong.

Also featuring a wide selection of original artwork from Stefan Horik, Garth Armstrong, Doris Pontieri and Guttorn Otto.

Diversions - Artworld Fine Art

“Diversions” – May 24, 2012

Featured the “Bent Realism” paintings by Andy Donato and for the first time, the collaborative collage works of Andy and his wife Dianne Jackson.

Art In the Square - Artworld Fine Art

“Art in the Square” –  March 31-April 1, 2012

Featuring artwork by Stephen Gillberry, Rick Taylor, Garth Armstrong, Christian Morrisseau.

Painting demonstration by Rick Taylor.

2011  Events

Moonlight Snowflakes - Artworld Fine Art

“Moonlight & Snowflakes” – December 3, 2011

Meet the artist Katerina Mertikas & exhibit of new series of paintings.

Shifting Landscape - Artworld Fine Art

“The Shifting Landscape” – November 24, 2011

Exhibition featuring the work of Tony Bianco & Guttorn Otto.

Winter Conversations - Artworld Fine Art

“Winter Conversations” –  October 27, 2011

Artist Toller Cranston in attendance with selection of new paintings.

Dream Catcher - Artworld Fine Art

“Dreamcatcher” – September 29, 2011

A series of new paintings with two artists in attendance.

Christian Morrisseau, and special guest appearance by Wilfrid (Wolf) Morrisseau – brother of Norval Morrisseau.

City Scapes

“Cityscapes” – August 17, 2011

A group exhibition that explores the ever changing urban landscape and neighbourhoods of Toronto.

Artists Garth Armstrong, Rick Taylor & Glen Warner in attendance, with selection of new paintings.

Different Perspective - Artworld Fine Art

“A Different Perspective” – July 20, 2011

A presentation of evocative photographs from 3 artists exploring diverse themes.

Featuring photography by Paul Letourneau, Howard Brodsky & Andrea Nielsen.

Inuit Carvings - Artworld Fine Art

“Inuit Carvings” – June 2011

Collection of Inuit Carvings featuring pieces created by some of the finest Inuit carvers in the Northern Regions of Canada. Each piece bears the “Igloo” tag issued by the Government of Canada ceritfying its authenticity as a true Inuit carving.

Beauty Of Silence - Artworld Fine Art

“The Beauty of Silence” – May 26, 2011

A series of new landscape paintings, with artist Serge Samus in attendance.

La Vue De Quebec - Artworld Fine Art

“La Vue de Quebec” – April 29, 2011

Featuring a new series of paintings from Quebec artist Raynald Leclerc. Artist in attendance.

Diversity In Art - Artworld Fine Art

“Diversity in Art” – March 24, 2011

A group exhibition featuring paintings from Richard Taylor, Jeanette Luchese, Brian Smith with artists in attendance.

Northward - Artworld Fine Art

“Northward” – February 24, 2011

A series of new paintings with artist Garth Armstrong in attendance.

New Horizons - Artworld Fine Art

“New Horizons” – January 27, 2011

A series of new paintings by artist Stephen Gillberry, with artist in attendance.

2010  Events

Seasons - Artworld Fine Art

“Seasons”  – November 20, 2010

Afternoon opening with Katerina Mertikas in attendance and new artwork.

Breaking The Ice - Artworld Fine Art

“Breaking the Ice” – November 6, 2010

Opening reception with artist Toller Cranston in attendance.

In My Backyard - Artworld Fine Art

“In My Backyard” – October 23, 2010

Stefan Horik’s impressions of Charlevoix in new artwork, with artist in attendance.

Accents Of Canada - Artworld Fine Art

“Accents of Canada” –  September 30, 2010

New paintings and Opening Reception with artist Tony Bianco in attendance.