Anna Sheversky

Artist Summary

Anna Sheversky’s abstract landscapes have been described as bold but quietly content, with a dramatic deep color palette that can be both striking and calming at the same time. Her artworks reflect beauty present in all that is around us. Price Range: $3,500 – $4,000.

Full Biography

Anna Sherversky

Anna Sheversky is a Canadian abstract artist working and living in Vancouver, BC. She began painting from a very young age and knew instinctively that art would be a large part of her life. Having both a father and a grandfather who are artists, only foretold that she would be immersed into the astonishing world of art. She has been highly inspired by her father’s works. And thus, her studies began through the classical style of old masters, as the foundation in development of her own artistic skills.

At the age of 10, Anna was one out of 20 people to pass examinations and get accepted into the Cyber ARTS program − a gifted arts program at one of Toronto’s schools. At the age of 17, Anna began participating at the ArtExpo New York art shows with great success and following of solo exhibitions, and representations by reputable galleries in the United States and Canada.

In 2011 Anna graduated with a Bachelors’ Degree in Design from Ontario College of Art & Design University (OCAD U) in Toronto, Canada. Following her studies at OCAD University, after displaying a high degree of aptitude, Anna furthered her studies at the prestigious ESAG Penninghen School of Design in Paris, France. While living and studying in Paris, Anna took the advantage of visiting European counties such as: England, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Luxemburg and Sweden – which have further influenced in her development as an artist.

After returning back from Europe Anna began working at an award-winning advertising agency Target Marketing and Communications, based in St. John’s, Newfoundland. While working at Target, Anna worked on projects for clients such as Air Canada Jazz and Scouts Canada.

In 2013 Anna embarked on a journey down under to Australia, Indonesia and Thailand. While in Australia, Anna dived in the beautiful Great Barrier Reef, flew over the reef in a helicopter, and explored as much as the magical land could offer. Anna fell in love with Australia’s beautiful nature and mesmerizing aerial landscapes, which have influenced her greatly into brining them to life in her artworks.

As the art market shifted in the past decade, along with Anna’s experiences traveling around the world, these have strongly influenced her to shift and form her present abstract style and technique subsequently. Anna has been creating new works, inspired by aerial views around our stunning planet Earth.

Anna is currently living and working in Vancouver, BC.

ESAG Penninghan, Paris, France
Ontario College of Art & Design University (OCAD U), Toronto, Canada

2010 Art Hamptons, New York, USA
2008 NY ArtExpo, New York, USA
2007 NY ArtExpo, New York, USA
2006 NY ArtExpo, New York, USA
2005 NY ArtExpo, New York, USA
2004 Armonk Outdoor Art Show, New York, USA
2004 Port Clinton Festival, Chicago, USA
2004 Ann Arbor State Street Art Festival, Ann Arbor, USA
2004 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, Canada
2004 NY ArtExpo, New York, USA

2005 Artworld of Sherway, Toronto, Canada
2004 Boulevard Fine Art, Chicago, USA

2005 Prize Winner at the Armonk Outdoor Art Show
2004 First youngest artist to participate at the Port Clinton Art Festival
2003 Canadian National Exhibition, 125th Birthday Poster Design Winner

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Chicago Tribune, The Doings Newspaper, November 2004


Anna’s Process

Inspired by aerial landscapes and nature, Anna’s compositions begin to form in her mind as they evolve into paintings. Being an avid traveler, her inspiration is the result of many journeys over incredible sceneries. She often observes in awe at the aerial scenery beneath her from an airplane’s window. Whether she was mesmerized by the landscape from mid-air, a skydive in Playa Del Carmen Mexico, a paragliding flight from Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, helicopter flights around the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, or around the Islands of Bali, and in Nelson British Columbia. Lets just say Anna is simply in love with viewing and exploring our stunning planet from above and below, and she never shy’s away from an opportunity to do so. When she views our world from an aerial perspective, there are no boarders, only infinite combinations of textures, colors and fluid movement.

Anna brings this kind of inspiration and marvel derived from nature back with her to the studio, transforming each aerial memory into a creation of her own. The artist mixes pigments, gold dusts, inks and acrylics with high quality resin, while using a blowtorch to fuse and form the paints. This kind of unique layering technique creates a complexity of textures, multi-dimensions and depth. This time consuming process takes several weeks to complete each painting, as the paints require a dry time of at least 24 hours before coming back to the piece for an additional layer.

When Anna is painting she transcends into a parallel world. A world where she is the creator and the created. It brings the artist immense joy to be able to bring life into an existing creation from what was once a memory.

Anna’s abstract landscapes have been described as bold but quietly content, with a dramatic deep color palette that can be both striking and calming at the same time. Her artworks reflect beauty present in all that is around us.