Gabrielle Fischer - Artist Photo

Gabrielle Fischer

Gabrielle Fischer creates life size figurative sculptures that hold the magic of working with fluid molten metals in a unique method of application. Prepared with the highest quality art bronze and heat activated patinas, the overlapping layers create a topographic landscape of color and surface variations.   Price Range:  $6,000 – $10,000

CV      Gabrielle Fischer Horvath

2018    Niagara Falls History Museum – Niagara Falls On.
2018    Williams Mill Visual Art Centre – Georgetown On.
2015    BizBaz Exhibition – Caledon On.
2010    One of A Kind Show/Exhibition – Toronto On.
2009    Artist Project – Toronto On.
2008    Hungarian Visual Artists of Canada – Toronto On.
2007    Gossip Restaurant – Toronto On.
2006    Korean Embassy Art Exhibit – Toronto On.
2006    Art Expo – Toronto Convention Center
2002    National Women’s Show – Toronto Convention Center
1996    Boxing Hall of Fame Show – Conestoga N.Y.
1996    Archie Moore – San Diego California
1997    Commission – Ken Norton – Newport Beach California
1996    Commission – Lake LaMotta – N.Y. N.Y.
1996    Meisner Foundry Gallery – Wyandanch Long Island
1996    Huntington Library – Long Island N.Y.
1986    Caledon Gallery – Caledon On.
1984    CASEY Art Show – Caledon E. On.
1985    One Of A Kind Gallery – Toronto On.
1985    Yorkdale Art Fare – Toronto On.
1985    Caledon Art Show – Bolton On.

“Do you choose to be an artist or does it chooses you? We all have creative abilities, but we all aren’t moved to make it a lifelong skill and nurture. It’s that emotional connection and the need to create that pulls us.

It starts in childhood as it did with me. Drawing, clay work, sculpture all touched me and curiosity inspired me to take the next step.

Challenging one’s self is an important part of growth. It is why I chose to explore a unique phenomena occurring in the bronze foundry I was casting in.

As the crucible was lifted to pour molten metal into the ceramic molds, splashes of bronze dropped on the ground forming unique patterns. These splashes, if directed into a sand mold, would form beautiful patterns with incredible results.

Working with William Jurgenson of Vineland On. made all this possible. His Art Foundry and his knowledge as a teacher and artist provided experimentation to explore this avenue.

As a sculptor and body casting artist, my passion for figurative work would provide the medium for the process to come alive.

The sculptures I made of clients and models were then used as molds in the foundry. The results were fascinating and incredibly exciting. Each ladle of molten metal (2300 F) was my paint brush as I flipped and splashed this lava like substance. Layer by layer, flowing under and over the previous layer, created a topographic surface I had not seen before.

The reveal of each piece had me hooked. The long process was worth the effort.

My largest work to date is a wall relief of a life size African elephant. Yes, I actually took a partial mold of her. This method of casting bronze, became part of the message. The lace like, fragmented surface depicts the elephants plight in the wild. A message that can’t be ignored.

I was born in Hungary and came to Canada when I was eight. A country girl who had no idea where life would take her. It’s been an interesting ride.

My advice, take chances, pursue dreams, follow your passion and don’t take no for an answer.”  Gabrielle Fischer