Lora Moore-Kakaletris

Artist Summary

Lora Moore-Kakaletris has become an award winning fine art photographer and highly sought portrait photographer while also developing an impressive commercial photography portfolio that includes a diverse collection of work for corporations, professionals, musicians and artists. Price Range: $700 – $3,000

Full Biography

Lora Moore-Kakaletris

After spending ten years as an Occupational Therapist, I returned to school to study commercial photography. Photography has become my creative outlet. My passion. I put my heart and soul into each and every photographic project. My art shares the story of my ambition and success, but more importantly my failures along the way. My inadequacies, screw ups, insecurities and secrets. My creative work has been featured in solo and joint exhibits nationwide, magazines and online publications. Recently her work was awarded for Best Overall Submission at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, and was chosen as a finalist in the Critical Mass Awards 2015.

Artist’s Statement

Lora’s life experiences have brought her to a place where she finds herself driven to create art about who she is, what moves her and what she feels. Her beautiful and dramatic works are filled with personal energy and emotion.  After the traumatic loss of her mother at the young age of twelve Lora suppressed most of her thoughts and feelings until she picked up a camera in her late thirties. Often building  sets by hand to create  intimate, emotive and evocative self portraits, or plunging below the water’s surface, she creates  images that reflect ideas and emotions that viewers are drawn to regardless of their personal journeys. Her images have an intentional painterly quality that gives her work a distinctive yet unique look, often blurring the lines between painting and photograph.

Lora Moore-Kakaletris

Exclusive Series

“Stop and Smell the Flowers Señorita”

We are in such a hurry to get somewhere, or do something. We forget to slow down and appreciate and be grateful for all that surrounds us. This series was created to portray just that. The figures are in motion, yet the artist has hand-painted the flowers onto each fine art photograph, to make the viewer stop and look; take time to observe, to see and to notice, to question if it is painted detail or a digital effect. Each image is a unique original, created exclusively for Artworld Fine Art Gallery.

All photographs are printed on hot press fine art photography paper, with hand-painted original acrylic floral detail.

“Water Series”

Each photograph in the “Water Series” is an Edition of 15 and available in the following sizes:20×30, 30×40, 40×60.

Each image is also available as an Acrylic photo print (requires no frame or glass).

L’Eau Bleu

“L’eau Bleue” is inspired by the work of Henry Fuseli, whose paintings often portrayed women in very dramatic, sensual poses dressed in flowing dresses.  The dresses worn in these images were hand sewn from sheer drapery found in thrift shops.  Long exposures were intentionally used to emulate brush strokes and create a painterly quality to the images.

Water Colour

Have you ever watched what happens when a drop of water colour paint falls from the paintbrush and hits the paper?  The colours flow and leave a spectrum of saturation behind.  “Water Colour ” was inspired by the shapes and colour formations of these drops.  The image have an intentional focus on abstraction, form, colour and contrast.  Stripped of context, what remains is sensual, unexpected and intentionally painterly.

Figuratively Speaking

Continuing to explore the use of water as my lens, “Figuratively Speaking” is inspired by the shapes and movements observed under the water’s surface.  The way the human body is able to move in water and the effect it has on the way you see it when submerged under water, creates an altered sense of reality.  Movements are fluid and graceful, and human figures become somewhat abstracted when in water creating a textural richness and painterly quality to the images.

Water Dance

Diving back into the water after an hiatus, Water Dance was created with the intention to raise questions about beauty. Can something be both beautiful and dark? Subjects are just below the water’s surface, so that their rhythmic movements and exhalations add dynamic brush strokes of abstraction. They are surrounded by darkness which intentionally creates a sense of musty and juxtaposition to the daintiness and grace of the poses of the dancers, further questioning the interplay between beauty, grace and darkness and mystery.

“My Secret Roller Coaster”

Lora’s life experiences have brought her to a place where she finds herself driven to create art about who she is, what moves her and what she feels. This collection of images, was curated from two separate series, “My Secret” and “Emotional Roller Coaster”. Both series, although completely separate entities, share common themes of emotional exploration. “My Secret” explores emotions of grief, loss and expressed compassion to those who are left behind following the tragic loss of a loved one. “Emotional Roller Coaster” reflects more everyday emotions that people experience daily. Topics such as fear, worry, and anxiety are some of the themes seen in this body of work.

The collection of images selected for “My Secret Roller Coaster” reflect the highs and the lows of the emotions we feel or identify with as human beings. Often building physical sets by hand to create intimate, emotive and evocative self-portraits, Lora creates images that reflect ideas and emotions that viewers are drawn to regardless of their personal journeys.