Matt Beasant

Matt Beasant is a self-taught Canadian Artist born and raised in Northwestern Ontario. His vivid colours, bold gradients, and crisp lines are applied by hand using many thin layers of paint – primarily acrylic. The resulting work can appear to have been printed onto the canvas.  Price Range:  $2,300 – $3,600

Matt Beasant grew up on a lake in rural Northwestern Ontario. He countered the loneliness and confusion of his sexuality by spending time alone in the boreal forest. Raised almost completely without religion or spiritual doctrine, Matt was able to freely form his own perspective on spirituality. It is this connection with landscapes and nature that helps to inform his work.

Matt is self-taught. His style draws inspiration from cross-sectional diagrams of geology, biology, and architecture. His work fuses emotion and allegory with vivid abstract landscapes. His crisp, ultra-clean aesthetic verges on digital yet is achieved by brushing onto canvas many thin layers of paint completely by freehand.

“I am fascinated with landscapes and their ability to convey emotion. My use of stark lines and crisp colour blocking create an intentionally digital aesthetic. This juxtaposition of unruly natural systems with rigid geometric and architectural forms is a reflection of the tension and duality that I believe can be found around us as well as within us. It is a style that allows me to cut through layers of sediment, revealing unexplored worlds. Here landscapes and abstract forms act as allegorical reflections of the human condition. Central to my work is a curiosity with duality. I find that it is often tension that can create the most magnificent harmony.”

Matt Beasant

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Matt Beasant in the studio.

Matt Beasant in Studio