Patricia Gagic Artist Photo

Patricia Gagic

Patricia Gagic is an accomplished International Contemportary Artist and Award winning author. She has dedicated her career to mastering the palette and technique from the great French Master “Dragan Dragic” and the Matisse palette. Her work is now dedicated to the Karmic Revolution which will be revealed in her artwork and books.  Price Range:  $2,100 – $13,000

Patricia Karen Gagic

Patricia is an accomplished International Contemporary Artist and Award winning Author.  She is represented by Artworld Fine Art in Toronto and Gallery on the Bay in Hamilton, ON. She has exhibited with BB International Fine Arts in Switzerland with her work accepted to Art Fairs in Geneva, Berlin, France, Austria and Zurich. She has exhibited at the Coda Gallery in New York and the NY Art Fair.   In 1999 Patricia began her studies with Master Artist Dragan Dragic in Savoillan, France culminating in a joint exhibit in Sault, France. She continues to thrive in her studio in Hamilton and regularly donates work to local and Canadian charities.  Patricia was a Commissioner at the 2006 Venice Biennale for the exhibition of Adi Da Samraj.

Karmic Alibi was published by Bettie Youngs Books and was an Award Finalist in the 2014  USA Best Book Awards and a Finalist in 2015 International Book Awards in the Non-Fiction Narrative category.  She is
a Co-author in the Amazon Best seller Voices of Inspiration with Marlon Smith, RockStar Success stories with Craig Duswalt and several others. In 2015, Patricia authored “Karma and Cash” a fiction series and is
now working on “The Black Snowflake”,  “Thirsters and Quenchers” and “The Inspired” series.

Patricia is a Certified Meditation Specialist/Facilitator completing her Certification in Applied Mindfulness and Transformative Mindfulness and Mindfulness without Borders from Factor Inwentash Faculty of Social Work at the University of Toronto.  She has enjoyed an extensive career in Banking, Finance, Small business, Property and Medical Management and Retirement homes.  Patricia is the Chief Financial Officer of the Hamilton Vein Clinic.  She is a  Level 3 Certified Feng Shui Consultant and Reiki Master.

In 2013 Patricia  was Knighted as a Dame of the International Order of St. George Grand Prior of Canada and is the Command Advisor for the Niagara Commandery.  She is a Co-founder of the Colours of Freedom
Foundation inspired by 9/11 supporting Round Square Schools, Classroom Connections and Free the Children.  She serves as a member of the Ontario Cabinet for Friends of the Canadian Museum  for Human Rights and serves on the Board of the Sir Edmund Hilary Foundation.

Patricia is the recipient of many awards and nominations, including Absolutely Fabulous 40 over Forty, Status of Women’s -Woman of the Year, YMCA Peace Medal, YWCA Women of Distinction and the Award of Excellence by the Toronto Women’s Expo.  She has a long-time volunteer history with Junior Achievement, the  Bach Elgar Choral Society, Interval House, HHSC, Juravinski Cancer Centre, the John Howard Society and the Centre for Compassion and Wisdom. In 2017 she was presented the Excellence in the Arts for courage and commitment to human rights, dignity and freedom by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. She is recognized by WXN (Women’s Executive Network) as one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada awarded the BMO Arts and Communication category in 2015.  In 2016 Patricia was again recognized by WXN and was the recipient of the Royal Bank Champions award.

Patricia supports a library and school in Angkor Wat Cambodia along with a new project in Boeng Mealea, Cambodia.

“Art is the essence of life. In every action we are creating with or without the canvas or chosen tools. Each moment of life is art. After spending many years questioning, examining and experiencing my process I am continually amazed at the depth of evolution which takes place. The balance between being in the moment and finding the truth or sage is the necessary impetus to reveal the wisdom within. Whether I am painting or photographing I believe our intentions reveal wisdom as a direct current to the conception of creation.

I am grateful to shine the light on and honor my mentor Dragan Dragic. When he took me under his wing in 1999 I began to follow a new path filled with studying and an examination in a contemplative way all of my surroundings. The plethora of ideas churn as I reach deep into the texture and palette. Art is immortal and when the floodgates of spirituality and neuroplasticity are opened the visions are delicate and rewarding.

The truth about abstract art is in the idea, the form and elegance of its nature. With each moment being a new one, the concept of imagination bridges with a kind of parallel dance into DNA. Time and space require a certain level of patience when you include them in the dimensions of art. There is a shadow contained inside each stroke. One rarely sees it, but in the forever changing unstable grid we operate within, the shadow reveals much more than what the eye perceives. This is the destiny of art, revealing something beyond sound, beyond thinking. It is a revelation into the beauty of the ever changing world we are witnessing. Art creates a mirror for others to find beauty within no matter what form it takes.

Perception plays another key in the underlying value of abstract or contemporary art. If the viewer has an expectation and wishes to judge based on their values, checks and balances, it might not allow the essence of the work to be understood. Thus the delicate task of the artist is to engage the viewer and offer a point of view which confirms a membership or relationship with the body of work.

My hope is to share in the voyage with each canvas as it is my journey alone. For those who walk along side with me, I can only wish they will see the beauty within themselves.”  Patricia Gagic