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Stephen Gillberry

Artist Summary

Stephen Gillberry is an accomplished artist who has spent over twenty years developing his own unique style of painting. While painting mainly in acrylic, he has experimented with colour and texture in an effort to capture the beauty and spirituality of natural elements.  Price Range:  $750 – $5,000

Full Biography

Stephen Gillberry (1963-)

For over two decades, Stephen has worked and experimented with colour and texture to create a body of work that transcends language and invokes a sense of wonder.

Stephen’s interest in the unlimited possibilities of colour and texture was heightened during his years of travel throughout Asia and South America, where he studied the art and techniques of a variety of cultures.

In his latest body of work, Stephen draws inspiration from the harmonious balance and inherent beauty of natural settings. Isolating various elements found in nature, he attempts to incorporate their essence into abstract and impressionistic compositions. Layers of paint and texture engage the viewer who is invited to bring his own perceptions to the painting.

Stephen studied at the Ontario College of Art and Wilfrid Laurier University. He presently works and lives in Cobourg, Ontario.

Artist’s Statement

“The language of colour is personal. The colour the artist chooses defines him and his work. The possibilities are infinite and the style is defined not only by what is chosen but by what is left out. In combination with texture, colour becomes three dimensional, creating a more engaging level of expression.”  Stephen Gillberry