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Artworld Fine Art offers informative, creative and entertaining art workshops and art & wine paint parties. Your event can be a fun social outing or party, or a more structured team-building session that offers leadership development and promotes camaraderie. Artworld will bring out the creative spirit in every group and each participant will take home their own original masterpiece. Our Private Art Events are flexible and can be modified to fit your requirements. They are designed for the exploration of personal and collective creativity. Private Art Events cater to all art experience levels.

Advantages to hosting your event at Artworld:

  • free parking
  • easy access by car or by public transit
  • access to full catering kitchen
  • over thirty established Canadian artists on display for your guests to enjoy
  • no preparation or cleanup for the host – we take care of it all

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Private Art Event Inquiry Form

Corporate Painting Parties

Half Day or Full Day Programs Available.

No matter what their prior art experience may be, in this judgement-free atmosphere participants develop new ways of expressing ideas and emotions through a variety of painting techniques. Corporate painting parties encourage individual creativity, collaboration and the exploration of ideas. These workshops help teams bond and improve communication, offer a break from day to day stress and are highly entertaining. Everyone leaves with a new appreciation that creativity can happen anywhere, with anyone at any time and the knowledge that we all have an artist’s lens.

‘Uncorked’ Art & Wine Paint Events

“Party style” Arts Events available with or without alcohol (approx 3 hrs).

Bring your guests together to create art, imbibe a little and embrace their artistic capabilities in a relaxing and educational environment.  Guests will be guided through the creative process by a professional artist, with step by step instruction and encouragement that allows their imagination to make their artwork uniquely their own.

ARTWORLD will provide the following for all private art events:

  • Instructor & assistant
  • All materials for the evening’s project (ie. Paint, brushes, tools, canvas etc.)
  • Aprons
  • Easels – tabletop or floor
  • Set-up & clean-up

For offsite events, host to provide:
*Artworld can arrange event rentals on your behalf

  • Beverages, Glassware & service staff for alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages as applicable*
  • Chairs for each guest & instructor*
  • Banquet-style tables as required*
  • Access to sink & water
  • Special Occasion Permit as required
  • Protective floor covering (paint spills etc)

Optional Add ON’s:

  • Catering services
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage service as applicable
  • Take-away Custom paint aprons – your logo or event Title
  • Videographer
  • Photographer
  • Custom Framing for projects


Garth Armstrong - Artworld Fine Art

Landscape in Oil

Plein-air and impressionist painting inspired by artists like Monet and the Group of Seven are the focus of these workshops. Guests will learn about capturing the visual “impression” of the moment. This style focuses on the shifting effect of light and colour, seeking to capture a feeling or experience, rather than to achieve an accurate depiction of the landscape.


Briar Emond - Artist Photo

Paint Pouring Abstraction

Paint Pouring uses the principles of non-objective art and pouring techniques (no brushes), allowing all participants to start on a level playing field, no matter what their prior art experience may be. The focus is on employing a variety of elements including value, colour and shape.  Patience, trust and enjoying the exploration of ideas are all by-products of this time together.


Painting on Organic Materials

Painting on and with organic materials (rocks, tiles etc.). Creating with Alcohol Inks is unique, vibrant and fun. Using brushes, Sandra is excited to share how captivating it is to explore this medium on ceramic tile. Known for their vivid colours and intriguing patterns, you’ll play with some techniques and discover how endless the possibilities are. Ancient peoples painted rocks or cave walls to record their histories. Their sorrows and pleasures were represented by the symbols they chose. In Japan there is a tradition of painting rocks and wrapping them with string for good luck. The tied up rocks are then placed inside or outdoors. Painted rocks can also be created as an expression of hope for new beginnings or as a way to manage energy.


Aboriginal Totem Painting

Personal and family totem paintings using traditional Woodland symbolism. Exploring the Woodland School Painting Style, each guest will create their own Woodlands style piece of art based on their personal Birth Totem. Each month has an animal spirit that represents that month and guests will create a personal or family totem in Woodlands style. Todd is a member of the Oneida of the Thames First Nation near London, Ontario and is an Art & First Nations educator.


Traditional Acrylics & Watercolour

Traditional subject matter in acrylics or watercolour (landscape, florals, still-life etc. in a wide variety of artistic styles). Using an emotional and impressionistic approach to painting with a strong focus on discovering the true artist within, guests are encouraged to “See the world the way you see the world, but paint the world the way you feel it.” The goal of this is to allow guests to show a glimpse of who they really are in every painting.”